When it comes to renewing old properties and making them relevant again, Exzadrian Williams does it all. He is a specialist in determining which multiple residential properties are in need of work so that they can be turned back into good quality housing. In fact, he has managed to to that for all sorts of rental properties, ranging in size from 8 to 300 units. He has demonstrated that he has a knack for bringing many distressed properties back to excellent health and for putting them back on the market for top dollar.

Exzadrian Williams holds numerous professional memberships and certifications in many real estate organizations and associations, including the East Bay Rental Housing Association (EBRHA), the Five Points Business Association of Greater Metropolitan Las Vegas, the National Apartment Association, and the Las Vegas Real Estate Investing Association. If that’s not impressive enough, Exzadrian also is a Certified Private Equity Professional, he is certified as a Business Mediator, he is a registered and certified property manager and he also serves as a certified financial planner. If you need it, he is also certified in hotel and restaurant management.

These days, Exzadrian Van Williams, Ph.D. is currently the manager of Proactive Assets & Realty, LLC. So far, he has more than 20 years’ experience in several important areas having to do with real property. He has extensive experience in real estate investment and asset management and he is also impressive with his knowledge of real property rehabilitation. He now manages and maintains greater than $10 million worth of real estate assets. He also owns a number of them. He is a specialist when it comes to dealing with older properties that are well-situated for comebacks in neighborhoods that someone has designated as “up and coming,” but which need moderate to extensive rehab to bring the highest possible market price.